Luis Fernando Rodríguez works as a lawyer, arbitrator, and consultant in investment and commercial arbitrations. He is the managing partner of Wonders & Co. SLPa law firm fully specialized in the resolution of international disputes. 

Luis Fernando acts in arbitrations under the main rules (ICC, ICSID, UNCITRAL, etc.) at the principal arbitration seats (Paris, London, The Hague, Washington, etc.) in multimillion cases involving companies or states from Latin America, Europe, Africa, and Asia. He has direct expertise in disputes concerning engineering projects and complex cross-border transactions in the sectors of telecommunications, healthcare, automotive, gambling, mining, financial services, energy, and construction. 

Until 2020 Luis Fernando worked at the international arbitration boutique Armesto & Asociados, providing legal and secretarial support to arbitral tribunals. Prior to that, Luis Fernando worked at Baker Botts (UK) LLP in London, as a member of the legal teams representing clients in disputes involving companies and state-owned entities in the construction, energy, and pharma sectors. He also spent two years in California, working on federal and state litigation at Rodriguez & Associates, a leading law firm of trial attorneys. 

A Stanford University graduate (LL.M., Class 2013), Luis Fernando completed his Ph.D. studies from 2008 to 2012, while working as a researcher at Harvard, Oxford, and other world-class universities. He is the author of a few books and several chapters on ADR mechanisms. He currently teaches international arbitration and comparative contract law at three universities and is a frequent speaker on these topics. 

Luis Fernando is founder and President of the Rafael del Pino Club of Arbitrators 

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