Created in 2019, the Arbitrators Club of the Rafael del Pino Association of Fellows of Excellence is one of the thematic clubs of our Association. It is led by members of the Association who practice in the legal sector of arbitration. The Arbitrators Club seeks to serve as a forum for new talent in this professional area. 

Arbitration is a dispute resolution mechanism whereby the parties waive the right to go to court and voluntarily submit their dispute to one or three persons: the arbitrators. The solution adopted by the arbitrators is final, binding, and enforceable as a court judgement. 

The Club is made up of young arbitrators of different nationalities, who meet to learn from each other and discuss the difficulties they have encountered in their professional practice. The practice of arbitration constitutes a “know-how” which is enriched by the free exchange of ideas and experiences.  

Club meetings are held at least twice a year and are by invitation only. 

The purpose of the Club is in line with the mission of the Rafael del Pino Foundation to contribute to the training of leaders and entrepreneurs and to promote the impulse of free individual initiative and the principles of free market and free enterprise. 

The President of the Referees Club is Luis Fernando Rodríguez, Scholar of Excellence for the Class of 2011. The President is assisted in his functions by an Advisory Committee, currently made up of Dámaso Riaño, Marta Lalaguna, and Mélanie Riofrío and Fernando Cabello de los Cobos. 


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